blog #3

The dream, the pressure, the heartbreak, the success either mixes to make a star or a failure. every athlete dreams’ of getting a full ride scholarship and going to a top school. For this 19-year-old it happened, now he deals with the fear of not living up to the expectation of making it to the league. Macai is currently attending UWG playing basketball and pursuing his goal of making it to the league.

What made you fall in love with basketball?

Do you view not making the NBA as a failure?

What made you choose UWG?

Do you have a plan B if basketball doesn’t work?

Who are your inspirations in the game today?

How did the death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant affect you?

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

How has basketball helped you mentally?

Did you ever think about giving up?

How is college and high school basketball different?

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