Blog #4

I chose to interview Kevarius Ruth a 19 year old who has been through more things then your average teenager. He decided to leave his family owned company that he’s worked at for five years. This leave resulted into his parents and his relationship to become fractured. because they believed they would give him the company one day. Coming into this interview I was nervous to conduct my first interview. I also worried about not getting to personal and that resulting into the interview to be cut short. I prepared by realizing this was just a 30 minute interview. I also went to school with Kevarius so it was easier to become more relaxed when we finally got face to face. the only challenged I faced was the fear of his parents coming home while doing the interview, that would have made it pretty awkward and he probably would have lost confidence in finishing the interview.

One thought on “Blog #4

  1. Nija,
    Based on this blog entry, I am very interested to see why Kevarius made the decisions he did. I think many kids his age wouldn’t make this type of decision. I don’t think I could pass up a chance to have a safe career with a guaranteed salary. Also, having that environment to interview would be tough to deal with. I’m looking forward to ready this resulting story. Good luck!


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