Blog Post #2

If I could interview anyone I would interview Rachel Nichols. Rachel Nichols is a NBA host and NBA insider and has her own show on ESPN. I would love to pick her brain and find out about the ends and out of the industry. She is such an inspiration because she is so successful in such a male dominated league. If I was able to get to interview her I would ask her “what it takes to be a NBA host?”, “how long it took her to climb the ladder to the top?”, and lastly “what’s the best part of her job. It would be a honor to learn from someone is in the position I want to be in, in the future.

One thought on “Blog Post #2

  1. Hi Nija! I think that wanting to interview someone with your same dream would be another dream come true. I don’t know much about the sports industry, but it is cool to see that she is successful within it. I do know that it is male dominated, but I am glad that you and so many others are wanting to be apart of it! I hope that in the future you can meet her!


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