blog #9

Newsy is an online website that gives news information on any given topic not just politics. they have news on sports, entertainment, the corona virus, and nation plus international news. Newsy seems like a very unbiased website, the three videos i saw gave direct facts in each video. All the videos are really quick with little tidbits of information. They also have short clips, longer clips and documentaries on a wide range of things. they have a wide range of shows where people report on news. i think that is really good because they are giving people a platform to report on things that interest them. My favorite part of the Newsy web page is the investigation page it was really interesting and highlighted different stories, and i thought that was a really neat addition to the website. overall I like the website and will start using it more, I think that its good to have a good balance of information from different media outlets and i will add that in the future.

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