Blog #6

For my story two assignment I decided to do a research study on gun control. Guns are important to people and I believe everyone just wants to find a happy medium on what should be done. The topic on gun control is always intriguing to me for this very reason doing research on gun control open my eyes to information I wasn’t aware of.  Gun control is one of the biggest topic of America. The conversation is unusually always to one extreme “take away all the guns” or “no one is taking away my guns.” I’m here to try to find a middle. I did extensive research on the second amendment and our current laws in Florida. I spoke to people who were pro-gun control and people who are opposed. During my research I started to realize that they both agreed on the same thing and didn’t even realize it. I’m glad I chose to do my research on gun control hopefully I will enlighten others on the way they view the issues in the future.

2 thoughts on “Blog #6

  1. This is a really great story topic as it is an issue that we currently have. Gun control is something that we have trouble coming to an agreement with. It is interesting to see that people agreed on the same thing. I can’t wait to hear more about this as I want to be more educated myself.


  2. I’m looking forward to this story because this is such a huge debate. It divides people so greatly unlike any other issues. It’s fascinating to me that people can get so offended by something that feels so obvious to me. I hope you can find reasonable ideas and opinions on either side of the issue.


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